When was the last time you asked yourself, “Am I free to live the life I really want to live?” or have you even considered freedom to be something that was perhaps missing in your life. May be you always thought freedom was a guarantee and that we all just have it by default. But increasingly more and more people are waking up to the reality that the freedom they believe they have might be an illusion.True Freedom


Not to minimize the freedoms that we do enjoy, the freedom to speak our minds, the freedom to trade, the freedom of faith, of political belief just to name a few. But I believe there is another freedom, more fundamental to who we are as human beings that we have done away with, only to realize its importance to the health of our entire human consciousness just as breath is to life. This freedom is the one that we have over our time.


Time perhaps is the most important yet undervalued commodity that we have on this planet. You can buy pretty much everything else that you can think of but not time. It is the one thing that is truly limited. The other type of freedom, financial freedom, is not as essential as the first one. It is more of a tool, an abundance of which enhances the freedom of the time one has. But the two are not independent of each other, one without the other and we fall short of having true freedom in our lives. Let me explain.


To better understand this concept, I explain it using what I call the time and money quadrant, see the illustration. Most people will fall into one of the four quadrants; in the first quadrant you have plenty of time but no money, this would be the case of someone that is unemployed and broke or despite having worked a lifetime someone that is retired and struggling financially. People in this category have plenty of time in their hands but no money to enjoy that time.


In the second quadrant you have no time and no money. This would be an unhappy place to be in but unfortunately most people fall in this quadrant where despite of having no time on their hands they still lack the financial abundance they seek.


The third quadrant is where you have plenty of money but no time. This is where many execs, self-employed professionals and some business owners fall into. They have money coming in as a result of their success but not time to enjoy the abundance they have created.


Finally, the fourth quadrant is where the magic is. Here you have plenty of money AND time. The abundance of both money and time brings a peace of mind like no other. This is where true freedom lives. To be here you would have to create a business that works for you and not the other way around. So how do you get to the fourth quadrant, I will explain that a bit further, but before that we need to understand something even more critical to moving into a true freedom lifestyle.

Many of you may already know Robert Kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant and if you don’t grab a seat and pay attention because this could be a game changer. The quadrant explains the 4 ways of producing income and how we all fall into either one or more of these quadrants. Let’s start with the E or the Employee quadrant. You have a job that pays you for an exchange of your time, the time you put in your work determines your income, no more no less. There is no leverage and no wealth creation. The S or the self-employed quadrant is where you own a job, your income is still determined on the time you put in. There is no leverage and in most cases no real wealth creation. The only difference between the E and the S quadrant is that in E your boss is your boss and in S your client or customer is your boss. In these two quadrants, a 100% of your time determines your income.


Next is the B or Business Owner quadrant this is where you own not just a business but a system where people work for you. As you employ others you gain leverage and now a little of your time invested in the people that work for you becomes a source for a larger income. The fourth and final quadrant is the Investor or I quadrant where the money you earn is now working for you through investments. This is a source of passive income where very little time from you and people resource is required.

The cash flow quadrant may seem obvious at first but the implications of the mindshift you can experience once you truly understand it is incredibly powerful. Most people are in the E quadrant working for someone else trading time for money, but the truly wealthy of both time and money operate from either from the B or I quadrant. Being in business for yourself where you can leverage others through a system is the most plausible way to creating wealth. Initially the time requirements to create that system are massive and the payoff very little but overtime the payoffs can be significant. Once the money is available you can move from the B quadrant to the Investors quadrant where the money you have created now works for you without much time effort.


Now this can all see utopic and unrealistic for the average person but the truth is this dream is now more achievable than it has ever been before. As you look at the cash flow quadrant more closely it will become apparent to you that the key to wealth creation is leverage. Simply put, leverage is using resources, tools, technology or people to produce results that you yourself could not achieve alone. For example, what you can do yourself can only produce so much before you reach a cap but if you were to invest your time in developing the skills of others then their combined efforts will have the potential to generate an uncapped income. And if leveraging is done correctly it can have the power to generate true freedom for everyone involved.


Today, we have at our disposal one of the most powerful tools in leverage ever created, the internet. The internet allows us to leverage our individual skills in ways that were unimaginable only 10 years ago and that leverage allows us to reach millions if not billions of people around the world. And this is not just wishful thinking, look at the statistics of internet users around the world with number increasing in the triple digits continuously for the last decade and exponentially increasing since 2010. More than half the world’s population is going to be on the internet by the end of this year and that number is showing no signs of slowing down.


The most exciting part from an opportunity perspective is that all these people are spending money online more than ever before. Read one of my earlier posts to see what, where and how people are spending money on the internet. If this hasn’t become crystal clear already let me spell it out: THE INTERNET IS WHERE IT’S AT and unlike the gold rush it is here to stay. Creating true freedom is possible for anyone with an entrepreneurial soul, willing to roll up their sleeves, take risks and learn. It has never been more possible than now, thanks to the internet.


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