I want to ask you a question.Are you digging holes or are you digging a well ?What Can You Do When The Going Gets Tough

Let’s say you wanna get to water that’s 20 30 feet underground. You start digging a hole. You get to 10 feet and see that you’re not getting to any water. Thinking that this might be the wrong spot, you come out of the hole and you go to another one and you start digging again. Maybe this time you get to 5 feet and asked the same question. Come out and start digging another one. This time you get to three feet and the same thing, come out and say hey I didn’t find the water. Well pretty soon when you look around all you’re going to see is a landscape full of holes with no real well. Well this is a metaphor. But a metaphor that’s really applicable to how we see our lives and for many people when they start digging that hole on something.When they start digging that hole to creative well they give up when they don’t see any results. so I want to share something with you that I personally do and I’ve seen other successful people do. When times get hard, when you’re out there digging a hole and you just can’t hit water what can you do to keep going on.

1. Visualize: I know I shared this with you before but this visualization is a little different. When people talk about visualization it’s about visualizing the goal, the end goal. When you cross the finish line and you get that award. But what about the struggle. What about the the hard work that you need to do to get to that. I want you to visualize the hard work, the struggle .Ballplayers and athletes visualize them making that score. Scoring that goal. They visualize themselves going over that struggle, to get that goal over and over again in their mind and it’s to not underplay the visualization technique but the struggle. And visualizing the struggle is very key and very important when you just think about the rewards. Well you haven’t really thought about the real hard work that it’s going to take to get to that reward. I think that it’s really important and it’s forgotten a lot of the time. So it’s very important to visualize the struggle and to love it and to really embrace the struggle and feel what it feels like to get to where you really want to go.

2. Learn learn learn and learn some more. You gotta go out there and research and really find things you know. Learn about the things that you want to do learn about. Your craft if you’re trying to get good at something then go out there and find as much information as you possibly can and get that information through your head and embody it. Make it a part of you as if it was it was coming from within you. It’s not enough to read a blog or a podcast or something like that and then think that you know it enough. It’s not enough. You have to go out there and master that skill. If it takes reading books go out there and read books. If it means you gotta go to a mentor and learn from them that’s what you gotta do but you gotta master that skill and keep learning every single day.

3. Action. Without action all that knowledge, all that learning means nothing.It is just a repository that sits in the back of your head but until you act on it nothing really happens. So even if it means that you pick up that shovel and go out there and just dig every day. 1 foot every single day you will get to that 30 feet eventually but it’s absolutely important to go out there and to dig that one foot for every single day consistently day after day after day and that’s what it amounts to. Something that you really can be proud of when you look back at it.

4. Share and be open to feedback. If you’re doing something great or even if you’re not and you think you are, you can share it with people and say hey this is what i’m doing and i want to get the feedback that will help me grow and the people that really care about you and if you go to them you approach them and you’re open to the feedback and say I really want to know what’s happening here, they will tell you that and then you can learn from the feedback and once you build that community around you of people that are going to be invested enough to tell you what’s going on and you’re going to grow and the ones that will push you to keep going towards your goal and keep picking up that shovel and digging within the earth and getting closer to that well to create that community. Be open to the feedback ask people to give you their feedback and just be open to receiving the good, the bad, the negative but make sure you approach people that are always invested in your growth and would be and say thing that no will.

5. Never compare yourself to the next guy. If you’re going to look at the guy that’s next to you and you look at his hole for example and you see that he’s dug 20-30 feet and he’s hit the well and you see yourself and you’re only at three or five feet and then for sure you’re going to feel that you have not accomplished enough. But it is important to remember that that person is not better than you. It’s just that they’re ahead of you because they have put that consistent effort day after day to get there. And instead of comparing and feeling like you’re not the same as them take it as an inspiration and as a goal and is it as an inspiration to see that if you continue on the path then you will also get to where they are.

So these are the 5 things that I think are absolutely critical in getting to continuing to do what you want to do when things get hard and when you look out and all you see is holes and no well. I mean if you want to get to that well, you want to dig down so that you can finally taste that sweet water. Our lives are enriched by our hard work and the results that we produce but it is hard and the going gets tough. These are some of the things that you can do to keep yourself going out there. So my friend, like I always say if you’re passionate about something, if you love something and you have the courage to pick up that shovel and start digging the earth. Well there will be times when you’re going to feel like throwing that shovel away and just giving up but remember that when you keep digging eventually you’ll hit water.

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