One Gets You in Trouble, the Other Crucial for Success

“Taking risks” and “being risky” are two very different things and to have success in any area of your life it is crucial to understand the difference. Let me give you an analogy, as a biker I love fast motorcycles and the thrill of the ride. We all know riding a bike is a risky proposition so owning a bike is ‘taking’ a risk but being reckless on it without regard to your own or others’ safety is ‘being’ risky. Let me relate this to life.

Before I became an entrepreneur, I was working in a job that aligned with my education. I didn’t love it but I was grateful to just have a job that would allow me to pay a large student debt. I also thought at the time I was working in a job that was ‘safe’, at least safe enough financially.

Had I only known what was in store in the very near future and in fact what I was doing was very risky and not safe at all, I might have chosen a different path from the start. But everything happens for a reason.

Living pay check to pay check without any cushion or back up was a very risky approach to having any financial security. Personally, I was not fulfilled in the work I was doing and financially the pay check to pay check lifestyle made it difficult for me to build a solid plan towards my financial future.

Without being aware why I started feeling lost and drifted further from from a sense of who I was or what I was doing during this time of my life.

I found no challenge or fulfillment in my job yet I continued. Everyday was a drag and weekends were my saviour, yet I continued. The only thing that kept me going back to that cubicle was the promise of a pay Cheque every second Thursday.

I chose to do nothing about it because I thought it was safe, safe enough to give me security for my future. However, my sense of safety shattered into the indignation of being made redundant without notice.

After working in that company for some years I was laid off, with just a notice on my desk.

Struggling to make sense of it all and being totally paralyzed by the fear of feeling utterly unsafe, both financially and morally, I started to meditate and reflect deeply on where I was and why. This was around the time when I started to understand what it was that was holding me back, Those who are successful have the ability to take risks, most specifically ‘calculated risks’ which I now understand is the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t.

People that are successful take risks by learning or doing something new which creates new possibilities and opportunities allowing them to grow personally, emotionally and financially. In many cases, achieving success requires taking risks by walking away from perceived security and a conventional career path to find other means of creating an income.

After this realization I had, I started to understand that what was holding me back was myself. So what was it about my ‘safe’ choice that eventually translated into me ‘being’ risky with my future? I chose to live a risky life by continuously doing the exact same thing every single day, even if I knew it had hurt me personally or financially.

Getting laid off from a job that I thought was safe was a wake up call. I thought I was avoiding risk but in fact I was jeopardizing my future and ‘being’ risky. I had to really shift my mindset from what I thought was safe which was actually risky and start taking the necessary risks towards achieving my goals, even if it scared the crap out of me!

Simply put, I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t change what I was doing and start taking those calculated risks. Sometimes continuing on with what you’re doing is far more risky for your financial future, than to take those steps to do something different.

If you have a vision, you must learn to take smart risks and stop ‘being’ risky even if those choices seem safe from the onset.

So start today and start small by taking small risks.  If investing money scares you then invest time, choose the one you have the most of and get started today! At the end of the day your life is a result of the choices you make.

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