I have been an entrepreneur for several years now, had a few successes and several failures along the way. After building and selling my last business I realized that there are several qualities that an entrepreneur needs to be successful. Some may have these qualities innately and some may have to develop them but they are the defining factors of what creates lasting success.qualities of an entrepreneur

Although there are so many traits that can be counted I want to focus on 3 that I believe really make the difference in success or failure. They are Perseverance, Patience and Curiosity or as I like to call them the entrepreneurs “PPC”entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Voice of the Entrepreneur, qualities of an entrepreneur

1. Perseverance: there is a reason I put this as number 1 because without perseverance the other two wouldn’t matter. As any entrepreneur will tell you, things can get very hard when you decide to take the first step and jump in. It’s amazing to know now that some of the greatest difficulties you will face are during the first bit of your journey. For some it can last a few months and for some few years but the reality is the challenges WILL arrive. What’s worse is when you put enormous efforts and you don’t see the results you expected it can very demoralizing. It is not like a job, in fact jobs are designed to give you result if you follow the instructions and put some effort but as an entrepreneur you can put all you got and nothing can materialize. That is when perseverance needs to kick in and keep you going.

Perseverance or grit is that non-cognitive trait that keeps an individual going, or to use a war analogy stay in the trenches to fight another day. I used to think grit was a quality you either had or didn’t but I don’t anymore. I think it can be developed.

How to develop perseverance? This is where your vision comes in, to keep going when the going gets tough you have to be fully immersed in your vision: the BIG picture. Your vision is where you derive your ‘why’ from. If your ‘why’ is strong then you will keep waking up the next day to give it another shot if not, you WILL quit. Also, like any other skill the more you do it the more it becomes you.

So keep moving further but get your vision rock solid. And if you can’t find a strong enough why in something then it might be wiser to quit and create the space for something else to come in to your life. Check out this video from Brendon Burchard about “How to Develop Grit”entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Voice of the Entrepreneur, qualities of an entrepreneur

2. Patience: Rome wasn’t built in one day and if you want to build your empire than you must be patient. Patience and perseverance go hand in hand. You learn very quickly to lower your expectations as an entrepreneur. In business getting what you want is a long term process, you must sow the seeds now and hope to harvest at a much later time. It is just the nature of the game. Very many people give up when they don’t see instantaneous results. I was definitely one of them but when I started seeing results as small as they were my mindset shifted and I started seeing the value in patience.

How to develop patience? One of the rules I follow in the beginning of a new venture is my 100% now may give me possibly 20% results but I know deep within that they will bear much greater fruits in the future. Working with that attitude lowers your expectations and develops patience. Being aware of the of the need to receive and our attachment to that is a sure way of getting closer to patience. Once you are aware that attached to the results you can slowly move in the direction of acceptance of what is. Even if the results have not manifested in your life you can learn to be ok with it but it all starts with the awareness that you are perhaps too attached to the results. Here is a great article from Psychology Today that talks about some really great step to brining more patience in your life.entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Voice of the Entrepreneur, qualities of an entrepreneur

3. Curiosity: This one is not so obvious. Being curious as an entrepreneur gives you an ability to find solutions in the not so obvious places. Being curious allows you to think out of the box, ask questions that other might not. When people are curious they are engaged and engagement with others can open doors rather create doors that never existed. Any entrepreneur will tell you their greatest success has come as a result of building relationships with others. When we are curious about the lives of others we create a rapport that is built on the foundation of authenticity, compassion and trust. Curiosity also helps us gain new perspective on things when we ask questions, curious people are fun they are energetic and more often than not they are game changer. So stay curious.

How to develop curiosity? Curiosity is probably something that would be great to have innately as it can be challenging to develop but is not impossible. Reading by far has brought my curiosity up the most, being around curious people engaging in conversations that are curious in nature. Constantly asking questions and more importantly taking an interest in things around you. As you do this you will be rewarded by surprises you didn’t even know existed and this will naturally rouse your curiosity reinforcing that trait again and again. Here is a great inspirational video on building curiosity. Hope you enjoy it.entrepreneur, qualities of an entrepreneur, qualities of an entrepreneur, Voice of the Entrepreneur, qualities of an entrepreneur

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