When I was growing up in the early 90’s entrepreneurism and business in general was not part of the conversation among young people. We all worked hard to get a good education and then went our ways to find the job that would help us realize our own individual American dream. The system had been designed to churn out as many high efficiency employees for corporate America as it could. And I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, if the lifestyle of the secure 9-5 blue or white collar job appeals to you then you have found your slice of the American dream. But for me that was never the case. Despite going through school for years and getting a master’s degree in engineering I could not fit in the mold of the professional and diligent employee and it’s not like I didn’t try. I worked for super large companies, held high paying jobs (for entry level positions) worked with multi-level teams and managed projects that were in the millions. But the burning desire to start something on my own kept taking me towards the entrepreneurial direction. I started businesses, I failed, I stumbled but I continued and still continue. The entrepreneurs journey is not easy but it is extremely rewarding if you stick to it. There must be something alluring about the entrepreneur lifestyle that is attracting hordes of people from all walks of life.

According to Forbes Magazines “A new era for entrepreneurs startups has begun,” there are many more entrepreneurs today that we did during the dot.com bubble of the 90’s. In the US there are over 20 million non-employer businesses today.  According to David S. Rose, CEO of Gust, venture capital investors funded about 1500 startups last year, with Angel investors backing over 50,000 more. Clearly there is an explosion in the number of people looking to create their mark on this world. But the question now is that, are New Age Entrepreneur also a Digital Entrepreneur? A recent report by Accenture, a management consulting and technology services company, has found “that new and emerging technology has the potential to help create up to 10 million new jobs for young people in G20 countries, as entrepreneurs around the world step into the role of the ‘digital entrepreneur’”. The report also said “that the rise of digital technologies was paving the way for the emergence of the “digital entrepreneur”, accompanied by a new large-scale open innovation culture.” There are virtually no entrepreneurs that do not employ the use of digital technology to get their message, product and or services across to their customers. Many if not all entrepreneurs are focusing their efforts on the so-called ‘sharing economy’ where consumers and businesses actively share and exchange information, products and services for mutual benefit, in other words creating mutual value. All of this is enabled by digital platforms that makes the transactions of the sharing economy possible.entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Stories, Voice of the Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Blog, Entrepreneurs Blog, New age entrepreneur

So the answer to the question are all entrepreneurs now digital entrepreneurs? Seems to be a resounding Yes. As we move forward with our businesses regardless of it being of bricks and mortar or fully online we must learn to leverage the internet and its huge potential to be successful. The internet has created massive opportunities for young and old, computer savvy or not to play in an international arena without the costs that would deter most new entrants into the start-up world.  We truly are in the New Age Entrepreneur or Digital Entrepreneur era and its changing the way we do business and live our lives. It is now possible for you, me or anyone to truly create a business that they want and ultimately the life they want by harnessing the power of the digital economy.entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Stories, Voice of the Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Blog, Entrepreneurs Blog, New age entrepreneur

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For several resources and free courses on entrepreneur check this link.

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