Stories are what make us and stories are what define us. Everything that we know of one another are stories, everything we’ve lived so far have become our stories, history is nothing but stories the whole human experience can be summed up in stories.

We all know about the stories that we have lived so far, the life you have created is your own story and you know all of it. But what about the stories that haven’t been written yet? The stories that we want to still create and have yet to live out? It is the unwritten story that we have yet to write that will bring us the joy the peace and the happiness that we all desire.

As an entrepreneur, a business owner or someone who is in the profession of providing service connecting someone with the story they want to write for themselves is a powerful tool to help them build something that could be very long lasting. If you can connect with someone to uncover the stories they haven’t written yet and help them move in the direction of creating whatever part of that story, a little part or a big part, then you’ve helped that person move forward and shape something in their lives.

We all have aspirations and dreams for our lives but we tend to forget that everyone around us have the same for themselves. If you are in the business of service or any other business for that matter if you can connect with your customers or with the people that you’re working with, connect with their stories or what they want to create that is an incredible way of getting them on the path to where they want to be while making them feel like you are on their side to create the story they want to create. This a powerful new way of doing business.

When I started to think about people’s stories and see what they wanted to create through their eyes and help them move in that direction to create a part of that story so many things started to change.

The people that work with each other to build something together are really building each other’s stories. This new perspective was a powerful mind shift in both my professional and personal life. As I started to connect with people through their stories rather than what they showed on the surface I started to develop much deeper relationships with everyone on a very individual level. For example, if you want to work with someone that wants to start a bakery, if you can see their dream through their eyes and visualize the details like they can then you can help them create exactly what they want or may be something even better. The ability to see the stories someone wants to write for themselves brings you in their very sacred inner circle of trust, business after that is a definitive by product.

To sum up, stories are a powerful thing. They connect us with each other when we share the stories we have lived so far but the stories that are yet to be written are even more powerful tools to serve others that can create abundance for both the dreamer and the dream maker. If we can help each other create the stories that we want to write I think the world would be a beautiful place and more than ever as entrepreneurs it has become our responsibility to help one another in the creation of our stories because each story created is part of the collective human story that makes life magical.

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