If you are looking to create any sort of presence on the web regardless of who you are, an online marketer, an affiliate, a thought leader, an expert or even if you just want to be heard then blogging as a tool to create that presence is indispensable. Newbie Blogger

I believe the key element to being an effective blogger is intention. What do I mean by intention, I mean when writing a blog if the intention is only about getting found by the google search gremlins or getting your SEO dialed in then that intention will automatically show in your writing. I believe the best writes, bloggers or authors are those that write with the intention to serve, to provide truly meaningful content with the sole purpose of solving someone’s problem or offering a better way to an existing solution.

Having the intention of creating value with your writing is a sure fire way to creating awesome, thoughtful and far reaching blog posts. With that said, this article is titled ‘Guide to writing an effective blog,’ In order to write good content you have to understand the type of blogs you can create because once you know that you can tailor your writing to your audience without it being too generic. I believe you can categorize blogs posts into three types
  • Informational
  • Educational
  • Inspirational.

All three types are specific yet broad and depend largely again on your intention for why you are writing the blog piece. Informational blogs are like mini research papers where you present information about a certain topic and back it up with credible sources. An example of an informational blog would be titled ‘The State of the Modern Internet Economy,” in this you would talk about stats, numbers and make references to where you got that informationThen there is the educational blog, this is your “How-to,” “When-to,” “what-to” articles that teach people to solve a certain problem. I think these are the most common blog types out there, simply because people online are looking for solution to their problems and challenges. Writing an effective educational blog consistently can set you apart from the crowd as you slowly start getting regarded as someone that people can look to provide valuable solutions to their common problems.

The inspirational or transformational blog as the name suggest are inspiring, they lift you up when you are down they motivate you when you need a push. The most important element of inspirational blogging is the story of the writer. We all have a need to connect and nothing connects us better than our own vulnerability . We all have stories of life moments that can be inspiring for everyone else. If you can share those stories in an authentic, unedited way where your humanity comes through your writing then your blog becomes inspirational and often times without us recognizing what inspires us can also transform us. It’s a powerful combination!


Now, you must be wondering are all these independent of each other, the answer is NO. Most blogs are a combination of the three and the most successful ones are the ones that artfully combine the three elements to create the most impact for the reader. However, be careful to not lean on the inspiration side too much without coming off as inauthentic, even through words the reader can easily smell fake.

One thing I do to practice my blogging skills other than writing blogs is to read as many of them as I can. Reading great written blogs is the fastest way to get your skills honed for writing better content. As you read these blogs also try to categorize them into informational, educational or inspirational. Also, analyze how the writer uses these three elements to create reader engagement, as you read more of these you will automatically pick these subtle techniques and pretty soon incorporate them into your own writing.

Here are a few blogs about tips on writing blogs that I believe are great for you to start with. Some are more informational, some more inspirational but they are all definitely educational. There are a lot of tips here and it can be easy to get lost among them. Pick and choose only the ones that resonate with you and let your instinct guide you.

  1. 21 Quick Tips on Writing Great Blog Posts by Darren Rwose
  2. The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog by Brian A. Klems
  3. 26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts by Debbie Hemley
  4. How to Write a Blog + Creative Writing Tips to Use Now by Wendy Kelly
  5. 9 Tips to Inspirational Blogging by Shannon K. Steffen


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