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The Mission of Voice Of The Entrepreneur

Voice of The Entrepreneur is created to wake up as many dreamers, soon to be entrepreneur rock stars and common folks that just want a better life to a possibility that their dreams can come true, that they can have a life of true freedom.

Let’s start with who I am and what’s my story?

I am, Ahmed Aibak, former engineer turned online and offline entrepreneur. After getting a Master in Engineering I worked the corporate ladder for a few years; working long hours, without passion or a sense of purpose I found myself marching to the beat of someone else’s drum. I was disillusioned and I wanted more from my life but being in a “comfortable” place I wasn’t ready to make a change. Little did I know that change would be imposed on me and that I would be left with no choice but to seek a different path. One fine morning without warning I came to my cubicle to a letter headlined, “Notice of Termination.” No explanation, no support just words that made me instantly expendable without warning. Not that a warning would have made things any better.

I found myself marching to the beat of someone else’s drum.

Voice of the Entrepreneur - VOE Be Heard - Ahmed Aibak

I was lost and felt that all the years of hard work in school amounted to nothing, I could not find another job for months and the pressure of a massive student loan loomed over my head constantly. I felt desperate and started seeing myself as a major failure.

That’s when I started my own brick and mortars type business. It was a revolutionary concept and I was the first one to do it in my region. I thought I was going to be an overnight success. But that didn’t happen. I ran the business for over two years faced tremendous challenges, lots of ups and downs. To say I was married to the business is to underestimate my time commitment to it. I didn’t take a weekend off let alone a vacation for over two years! Even with all the hard work I was desperately trying to stay afloat, I decided it was time to sell. Fortunately, I was able to find buyers to take over the business but I came out with more debt than I went in with.

Wait, it gets better…

Voice of the Entrepreneur - VOE Be Heard - Ahmed Aibak

I realized that in order for me to have true freedom it wasn’t enough to just have money but also complete control over my time. I searched and searched, looked for all different types of business models. From franchising to starting my own start up. None fit the bill and plus I didn’t have any more money to invest in a new traditional type business.

How VOE came to beVoice of the Entrepreneur

Today, I run my own online business and am living a life of meaning, purpose and service.

I work where I choose, when I choose, and I have the privilege to select the people that I want to work with. The skills that I have learned has allowed me to even revive my old business and bring it online. I manage two separate companies and am that much closer to creating my life of true freedom. Voice of the Entrepreneur, VOE – Be Heard

I believe in living authentically and with passion, I think living a life of service is the greatest opportunity one can have. My dream is to create a business deeply rooted in these principles. I am excited for what the journey has in store for me and everyone I have the privilege to work with.

Voice of the Entrepreneur - VOE Be Heard - Ahmed Aibak


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