I have been hearing the phrase “creating value” for a few years now. When I first heard it, I didn’t quite understand it. What does it mean to create value? The work that we do, being a contributing member of society isn’t that all creating value in this world? How more could I add to the value I already bring? One of things that was high in my value creating list was my education. Having a master’s degree in engineering surely made me valuable enough by default, I thought.


‘Value adding’ were the people with special talent, the ones that were in high position of influence and power, people that had a gift; essentially, being valuable was reserved for the special few that were already sitting at the top echelons of society. Value to me, the average joe, always seemed like a static notion, you did what was asked of you or what was expected of you and your value was determined by that.


As the years went by with the successes and failures of my life my mindset started to shift. I saw value as not something that was constant but a powerful tool in your hands that you can create to enhance the life of others and shape yours the way you wanted. I realized that the idea that value creation was reserved for the special few was not only false it was Ludacris. People that were successful was not because they were blessed with the talent to create value, they were successful because they understood, deeply understood, the power of creating value before they became successful.


To prove this to myself I looked at several examples of people that were truly successful and happy and I found that all except for a few were incredibly value driven even if they did not know it. Their mission was more concerned with creating value for their clients the people they worked with, their friends and family most everyone around them than to gain something in return from these interactions. Some were more value centric than others of course but the general pattern remained the same.


Seeing the value in value, I adopted the idea in my own life a few years ago and my life has been transforming because of it since then. The more I do it the more I want to do it. It would be safe to say that now almost everything I do, I first align myself with creating value. So how can it be done by anyone? Here are some steps I think will help you align yourself with creating value for anyone you come across:

  1. What do they want? Ask yourself this simple question about the people you are trying to help. Dig deep into their minds and put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “if I was them what would I want?” Observe them, see what they are lacking and what preoccupies them. If you take this approach you will quickly find an answer that will take you lead into the next step.
  2. What’s stopping them from getting it? What are the hurdles they face in getting what they want? Is it a real hurdle or is it a mindset challenge? Are they aware of those hurdles? Is it big or small? Think about possible solutions and what can be done to remove those hurdles.
  3. Do I have the proper resources to help them? This one can be a tough one both to asses and to accept. Sometimes we really want to provide value even if we don’t have the proper resources to do so. It is important to realize that and let those go. The best you can do here is to connect them with someone that can better help them. Sometimes the best value you can provide is connecting people with others. If you believe you have the resources, then create a well thought out plan and help them implement it.
  4. Has it enhanced their lives in some way? This is the big one. After all, value creation is all about changing peoples’ lives for the better. If the answer to this question is yes then you have succeeded in your mission to create value, if it is no you have still put the effort with the intention to create value and for that you have enhanced their lives in some shape or form.
  5. Has it enhanced my life in some way? This one most people forget to ask. Has this act enhanced my life? Does it bring me joy? Is it aligned with my values?  After all, creating value is just as much about the person creating it than the one that receives it. If the answer to this is no, then perhaps you must evaluate your intentions and as to why you wanted to do this in the first place.


These are simple questions but they have a profound effect when asked with the right intention. They have helped me put things in perspective especially when my motivation needed a check. Try them out for yourself and see what kind of value they create in your life.

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