When you are stuck in a rut, you’re stuck in a rut. One of the most dreaded things about being in this state is the paralysis that accompanies it. A rut by definition is a habit that is hard to change and no matter what you do it seems that the rut never ends. But I am here to tell you that it can, that moving out of a rut is not easy but it is simple.


I was having a conversation with a friend recently and his rut was so severe it was drowning him in a state of depression. I could relate because I have felt that way many a times in my own life and it has left me with chunks of my life completely missing from my memory. Although, one the thing that I do remember about my times of rut is the pain that came with the gnawing thought that this was who I am. We can easily get sucked into the false belief that our current state is our reality, we let it define us while our subconscious creates false meanings about ourselves that take us far from who we really are, far from love.


There are indeed things you can do to get out of this rut, things that have worked very well for me and others that I have shared this little anecdote with. This is not a magic pill solution it is a practice that requires some dedication yet its effectiveness is rooted in its simplicity.


So here goes, to get yourself out of the misery of the rut do 3 things everyday that make you feel good. That’s it that’s how simple it is. 3 good things that move you forward, I call them the Daily 3G, and they’re broken down into a daily practice of these three acts: 1 of them must be a feel good act, 1 of them must be a do good act and 1 of them must be a make good act. Let me explain them one at a time


The feel good act must be something that truly makes you feel good. Something as simple as going to the coffee shop and having your favorite cup of tea or going for an ice cream with your daughter at night, buying yourself a bouquet of roses or even looking at yourself in the mirror and giving yourself a compliment. When you stuck in a rut and feeling blue it is difficult to do anything let alone things that require effort but the power of these acts lie in simply taking the first step to do them. Once you find that strength to get out and do this the first day, it will get easier the next and slowly you will see the joy seeping back into these simple gesture of feel good happiness. This first one of the 3Gs takes care of your need to feel loved and worthy; as you continue little by little it does just that.


The second, an act of do good, is something you do for someone else. An act of kindness perhaps to a complete stranger, paying for that person behind you in a drive through, buying a homeless man lunch or simply giving a compliment to someone you usually ignore. These are the kinds of gesture that uplift others and in turn uplift your own soul. In the words of Robert Ingersoll, “we rise by lifting others” holds more truth when you’re stuck in the grips of despair than any other time.


The third, an act of make good, is one that helps you inch closer to a goal you set for yourself to move your life forward. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to achieve but setting an intention to do one thing that moves you forward is the name of the game here. This could be something as big as your life dream, an aspiration or something as small as a class project. Whatever it is the action you take must be measurable and have an intended result. So for example let’s take a life dream, I have always wanted to be a famous public speaker, what can be an act of make good that I could do today measurable with an intended result that would get me one tiny little step closer to that dream?  I can read an article on public speaking and take notes or if I really wanted to take a big step forward go to my local toastmasters and join a public speaking club. If it was a class project, then the act of make good could be asking that questions you needed to ask your professor or finishing that 1 first page of the 12-page paper you need to submit. An act of make good is like making good on a promise except this promise is to yourself.


These steps when done with commitment and the right intention have the power to change the game and pull you out of your rut. Don’t wait for something or someone to pull you out; claw, drag, pull do whatever you have to to inch yourself out of this state and into one that brings you closer to the light you have within. If you take a stand today and commit to the 3Gs then slowly everyday will seize to be a battle and life will once again return back to flow.


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