It is true that when we take the courageous step to move in the direction of our dreams, things start falling into place.entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Stories

But it is also true that things start getting real and the challenges start to pile up. This is exactly when new entrepreneurs have the highest chances of giving up and letting their circumstances win rather than them winning over their circumstances.Time Management, Full time job

Managing a full time job and a part-time business that doesn’t pay the bills just yet can be challenging to say the least.entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Stories

When I decided to immerse myself around the online world and gain skills by leveraging off the internet to become my own boss I spent a lot of time working on my business while earning an income from somewhere else.entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Stories

Now as my business grows I have less and less of the time burden that I had when I started, that is the beauty of an online business and Automation. In fact more time has freed up for me to do work that I really enjoy.entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Stories

Like interviewing emerging entrepreneurs about their journey and how they create success for themselves. The Show: Voice of the Entrepreneur is my way of giving voice to entrepreneurs at any level of success and inspiring others that want to follow on their footsteps.

In this most recent one I discuss how can you successfully manage a full time job and a passion oriented business simultaneously. Believe me when I say it is POSSIBLE. But Don’t take my word for it hear it for yourself.entrepreneur, Entrepreneureship, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Stories

Once your time has come to an end and you look back you want to know that you used your time on this planet wisely. Make sure you don’t let the fear of “too much to do and too little time” scare you and take the challenge of following your dreams head on.

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