As the host and the founder of voice of the entrepreneur, I bring in successful entrepreneurs from different walks of lives to talk about their purpose, their vision, why they do what they do and most importantly the lessons that they have learned. After talking to many entrepreneurs I have started to understand the reasons why people fail.Failure

The top six reasons why I think people fail comes from understanding the motivations of entrepreneurs that are living a successful life and are doing what they love. These entrepreneurs are living a successful life and without exception they have all gone through the failure to understand what these reasons are. Solet’s get into it, I want to talk about them starting from the bottom up:

6. The Inability To Make Decisions:

Successful people make decisions quickly and very seldom do they take those decisions back but unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly and quite often go back on them. The ability to decide is what creates the first step to taking an action in the direction of what you want to create, without the ability to decide creation cannot occur.

5. The Lack of Self-Discipline:

Without self-control there’s very little you can control outside of you. If you cannot have control on your habits, your routine and your patterns then there is little control you can have on shaping what surrounds you. Self-discipline provides the foundation to build your successes when you can discipline your actions with an end result in mind. The lack of self-disciplined is one of the biggest reasons why people experience failure.

4. The Lack of Perseverance:

Any entrepreneur that I have talked to have said that good things have come through perseverance. To create something worthwhile you have to go through the grind of hard work and when the going gets rough quitting is the default response. When things are not looking good you must persevere as only through consistent effort even when there is no signs of success can you ever get to taste the fruits of your labour.  I can tell you through my own personal experience if you can’t persevere in those difficult times then without a doubt you will be met by failure.

3. The Inability To Take Risk:

when you don’t take risks you often find yourself on the sidelines, in the words of Napolean Hill in his book Think and grow Rich “The person who takes no chances, generally has to take whatever is left when others are through choosing.”Taking risk requires you to walk in the direction of uncertainty with the faith that it is going to be work out. Risk often has high rewards because the upset is that it can lead to failure. People that do not take risks never get to reap those rewards and have a higher chance of failing in life in general than if they were to take risks.

2. The Lack of Purposeful Ambition:

There’s a reason why I say purposeful, you can have ambition but if it’s not aligned with your purpose it will not bring you success in the long term it will eventually lead you to failure. Ambition requires you to have this deep desire to step out of mediocrity and create what you think you want but when ambition is aligned with purpose it drives you to create lifelong success and shape your life to bring you long lasting joy.

1. Fear:

The number 1 reason why I think people fail is no other than fear. I talk about fear with all the entrepreneurs that come on the show. This is number one for a reason, it’s because fear stops entrepreneurs or anyone that wants success cold in their tracks. The fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of success, and even the fear of success all these fears stop people from taking the step in the direction of their dream. Fear is number one because there are countless great ideas that in many cases had the potential to change the world but were never materialized because of fear in the mind that conceived it. Fear will grip you and keep you there if you let it, where fear lurks failure is never far away.

Well my friend these are the top six reasons why I think people fail and the entrepreneurs that I sit down with always teach me a lesson and those lessons I am privileged to share with you. If you see one or several of these reasons for failure in any aspect of your life, the good news is there are absolute ways of overcoming them which will be the topic of my next blog. So stay tuned watch the interviews learn from the entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes see what they’re doing, challenge yourself to better your life and move in a direction that will help you live a truly purposeful life.

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