3 billion people will come online by the end of 2016 looking for solutions to their most pressing problems. These solutions will come in the form of products and/or information and a vast a majority of these people will spend money online to get these solutions that they cannot find anywhere else. This has created a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this new age internet economy like never before. You don’t have to create your own product or service; as an affiliate you can market someone else’s product that is aligned with your values and create a truly viable business.Affiliate Marketing

Much has been written on busting the myths that glamorize having an online business which attracts only opportunity seekers and get rich quick schemers but what I want to focus on is the other side of the spectrum, some of the serious myths that scare real entrepreneurs to take the next step in availing this tremendous opportunity.Affiliate Marketing

So let’s bust these common myths

1. Affiliate Marketing is all About MLM Schemes that Sell Nothing of Value

Not true. Some promote high quality content that changes lives, some are actually developing into institutions where both technical and mindset skills are taught that bring tremendous value to people’s lives. Sure you have to market to people to buy your product that’s the only way you will make money but you bring people in to become part of a community that changes their perspective on what is possible for themselves; offering them an empowered life. You are not selling a product they will buy and never use, you are selling an opportunity to create a life of their dreams and a shot at the real American dream.

In a world that is shifting towards an online economy some online affiliate businesses are providing tremendous value by creating a platform to educate entrepreneurs in taking advantages of this tidal wave of opportunities. Now that is real impact!

With that said you have to be careful with the bad apples out there. There are more than the fair share of opportunity seekers and get rich quick schemes on the internet to be wary of. Here is a list of top affiliate programs to cross reference in your research.


2. You Need to a Large Investment Upfront to Buy-In First

Although most people know that online businesses are less capital intensive than your traditional brick and mortar business there is still a myth that you need a large investment to start your own business online. This simply isn’t true, starting an online affiliate marketing business does not require thousands of dollar it needs a small investment that can be very affordable. “you don’t have to have a six- or seven-figure savings account to launch an online business, you need some capital to establish a solid foundation for growth.” Says John Rampton , a Forbes Magazine contributor.Affiliate Marketing

Let’s do some quick math, in order to get things up and running you would need the following services or products and pay these estimated amounts:

  • Domain name: $15
  • Website hosting: $10/month
  • Logo design: $50
  • Website template: $10.75/month (WordPress Premium)
  • Marketing and advertising expenses: $250
  • Affiliate Membership: $100

Today any of these services are available online for a fraction of the price of what they used to be. Logo, website and content can be done yourself or outsourced for cheap.

The membership fee will depend on your affiliate program but will give you the necessary tools you need to succeed. Your marketing budget will depend entirely on you but $250 to start with is solid. So, you can get started full blown with less than $500.

Let’s be clear, if you are motivated to grow your business then your expenses will grow as your business grows. If you get to the stage where you are spending more money because you are seeing the returns, that will be a good problem to have.


3. I Don’t Have the Technical Skills or the Experience

This one I consider a myth not because it is not true but because how this is a false belief system that holds many people back in many parts of their lives. Online marketing is like learning to ride to a bicycle, no one is born with the skill but once you get it, you have it for life.Affiliate Marketing, Entrepreneurs Blog, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur

No doubt you will have to invest the time and energy in learning these skills but the key here is that you can learn them. The information is out there for you to use you just have to find it. And part of being an entrepreneur is to be resourceful and if you are scared of being resourceful then yes I can say that this is not for you.Affiliate Marketing

These days you can outsource pretty much anything and for cheap, you want to design a great logo for a low cost you can use 99designs.com, you need a website with 100s of stunning templates you got wordpress.com. You can outsource the design of your website using freelancers on guru.com or get anything website related including content and graphics for literally pennies on the dollar on fiverr.com. There is no reason to do it all yourself when you can turn to a freelancer on an as-needed basis.

4. The 4 Hour Work Week and The Laptop Lifestyle

This one is deeply entrenched in this industry, because this idea is what is used to promote most affiliate marketing businesses. This is true for the ones that have spent the time building their business and paid their dues so to speak. For anyone coming onto the online marketing industry one thing must be crystal clear right off the bat, like any other business this will take consistent effort for a long time before you can see results but you WILL see results if you do the work.Affiliate Marketing, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Blog

It is certainly true that you can work from anywhere in the world and all you need is your laptop but work you must. You will have the opportunity to spend more time with your family, take them for vacations and give them the life you want but that will take commitment and perseverance long after most will have quit. I also believe true success is in enjoying the journey and having fun while doing the work and if you can feel that than results will not be too far away.Affiliate Marketing

5. It’s All About Making Money and NOT About Making an Impact

This may be true about many of the affiliate companies but let me tell you, I was just as surprised when I discovered there are online communities of people from all across the globe that are committed to supporting you in your personal development and mindful growth while helping you succeed in business. As you become part of these communities; become the person you aspire to be and create the life you dreamed of you can then help others do the same.

The world is really shifting towards a collective consciousness of empowerment where people help each other create freedom, prosperity and most importantly a community. The internet is proving to be the greatest medium in that shift and because of it making an impact is now truly possible for people just like you and I.

I am confident I have been able to debunk some of the myths you hold in your mind about what is possible. Go fearlessly in achieving your dreams and know that what really holds you back is your belief of what is possible for you.

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